Trainers - Marisa Lacy

Marisa Lacy

Behavior Consultant

About Me

Marisa is thrilled to be a part of The Canine Cure Team! She was a Certified Positive Dog Trainer through Petco, where she put her skills of dog behavior and cognition to work and is currently studying at the prestigious Catch Canine Trainer’s Academy, where she will soon be a Catch Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT). Catch Canine Trainer’s Academy is a challenging and advanced state-licensed, 10-phase certification course in dog behavior and training. Her education in behavior started at Monmouth University where she majored in Psychology. Marisa’s experience also includes time as an Exotic Animal Trainer and Educator at Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari. In this position, she implemented classical and operant conditioning to train various species of animals including sea lions, African lions, coatimundis and more. Most training sessions focused on desensitizing the animals to unfamiliar environments, human handling, and different forms of veterinary care. She utilized positive reinforcement to train animals to offer behaviors, such as a parrot offering his foot for nail trims. Not only did using science-based methods eliminate stress and decrease the likelihood of aggression, but it strengthened relationships with animals who would normally never trust a human.

Marisa and her dog, Max, are a certified therapy dog team through the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Inc. and the Monmouth County SPCA. She is also certified as a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT), where she used behavioral therapy with children on the autism spectrum who struggled with maladaptive behaviors that impacted their daily functioning.

Marisa also works closely with rescues, specifically Sheryl’s Den Animal Rescue. Since 2014, she has fostered many dogs through rescue. A quote she loves is “You get the dog you need in life, not the dog you want”. Marisa will guide you and your dog on the path to help you get the relationship with your dog that you have always been hoping for.