Tanya Solomon

Behavior Consultant

Tanya’s interest in training animals began in the 1990’s as a teenager learning how to train with the family dogs. It grew during college while receiving an Associates in Animal Science and a Bachelor’s in Biology, and became a career after becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2008. Tanya is also a Registered Nurse and a mother of 3 children and 2 dogs. She is patient and compassionate, and is proud to have practiced force-free training methods with The Canine Cure since 2014.

Tanya believes knowing how your dog is trying to communicate and effectively communicating back is very important to building a trusting relationship. Bad behavior is the number one reason dogs are given up to animal shelters. As a shelter and foster care volunteer, Tanya has seen first-hand how many pups have lost their families. As a trainer and animal lover it is her goal to help families before it ever reaches that point. Tanya is very passionate about animal advocacy and aims to provide guidance that is easy to follow and tailored to each family.