Sierra Knotts

Behavior Consultant

B.S. Animal Sciences - The Pennsylvania State University
Service Dog Trainer - Freedom Service Dogs
Explosive Detection K9 Handler

Sierra began her dog training journey by becoming a Seeing Eye Puppy Raiser at age 13. It was then that she discovered the joys of the human-animal bond and the impact that dogs can have on one’s life.

Sierra studied Animal Sciences, Nutrition, and Behavior at Penn State University and went on to work in the Guide Dog world, first as a veterinary intern at the NJ Seeing Eye, then as the Genetics Technician and Volunteer Manager at Guide Dog Foundation, and then later as a Service Dog Trainer at Freedom Service Dogs. It was here that she learned the nuances of being able to communicate and train, not only with the dog, but with the client as well, in order to help establish a working team with love, patience, and fulfillment at both ends of the leash. 

Sierra completed an Assistance Dogs International mentorship and Karen Pryor Academy certification and has since gone on to earn her 3PK9 certificate while working as an Explosive Detection K9 handler at JFK airport. She has spent numerous years in the private dog training sector working dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds on competitive obedience, behavior modification, agility, and even physical therapy. In 2022, Sierra attained her CPDT-KA certification. Through all of her experiences, Sierra has found that the best part of dog training is seeing the relationship between dog and human flourish. This comes with a combination of work, fun, patience, love, enrichment, and of course communication. 

In her free time Sierra enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs, playing violin, and cooking new recipes.