Doug Damico

Behavior Consultant
CCDT - Catch Certified Dog Trainer

Doug Damico loves teaching in a field that he is extremely passionate about and has been involved with dogs for many years. Doug is a certified trainer through the highly esteemed Catch Canine Trainer’s Academy and he received his CCDT (Catch Certified Dog Trainer) certification after completing the intensive Master’s track at this school. He also volunteers at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge where he and the caring staff do their best to find animals their forever homes. On top of his work at the shelter, he has also spent countless hours providing personal daycare for dogs of all shapes and sizes. There is no dog he isn’t happy to meet. Although Doug is a fully certified trainer, he continues his learning and expansion of his knowledge with seminars and workshops with the top experts in the field.

The relationship between a dog and their handler is one that very few other relationships can rival. Doug believes that the best relationships are rooted in a handler’s understanding of their dog’s mental faculties and how they learn. That’s why his aim is to train his clients as much as he trains the dog. The best type of training begins in the home, and is maintained by the owner. This is why he is always happy to answer any questions clients have even after training sessions are completed.

With a decade of martial arts training under his belt and a history of teaching it, Doug is very familiar with the philosophy that no skill is developed overnight. It takes discipline and patience to train a dog; that being said, Doug will work with you to make it as fun and simple as possible to instill positive behaviors in your dog.