Andrew Donofrio

Behavior Consultant
CCTBS - Certified Canine and Training Behavior Specialist

Andrew has spent most of his professional life in leadership positions. At 19, he started his career as a police officer and at 24 was promoted to Sergeant. During his 25 years in law enforcement, Andrew advanced to Lieutenant with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and created and grew a nationally recognized Computer Crimes Unit. Upon retirement, he leveraged this experience to establish his own IT security auditing firm, which he ultimately sold. This experience, along with an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in management, has made him extremely proficient as a teacher and in developing skills in others.

After getting his dog Jackson, Andrew soon realized his passion for training dogs. He also realized that much of dog training is actually teaching the owner, and the entire family, how to train their dog.  Combining a passion for teaching with a love of dogs, Andrew knew this was the next chapter in his professional career. He jumped back into school at the Animal Behavior Institute, earning the designation CCTBS – Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. Andrew is also a graduate of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Science Based Dog Training program. He is continuing his education at the Animal Behavior Institute studying for the designations CACTP – Certified Advanced Canine Training Professional and CSTDTP – Certified Service & Therapy Dog Training Professional.

Andrew loves working with dogs of all breeds and at all stages of their lives. Yes, you can “teach an old dog new tricks.” He realizes the importance of obedience training and enrichment for the overall health and happiness of dogs as well as improving their relationship with their humans.  Andrew is committed to helping people communicate better with their dog and correcting problem behaviors. He is dedicated to helping people have the dog they want!